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Witches Eating the Dead (Zimbabwe)

The Herald, 25 July 2011, Chemist Mafuba

The fuming parents told their chief how they had found that the new grave of their child had been desecrated. Continue reading


Are witches stealing Zimbabwe penises?, HANK HYENA, Nov. 30, 1999

Sorcerers’ spells and voodoo hexes are dismissed as hocus-pocus in much of the world, but in Zimbabwe a juju curse is considered a plausible danger. Continue reading

The gender element in witchcraft (Zimbabwe)

Sunday News (Zimbabwe), 3 Nov. 2009

Talking Spiritually with Rev Paul Damasane

In the English language we refer at most times to the witch because in my view we always expect the practitioner to be a woman.

Why is it so? Even the fairy tales in Western folklore show the evil fairies to be wicked old women. In the same manner that it is always the stepmother who is wicked and not the stepfather! You be the judge.  Continue reading

Witchcraft: fact, faith or fiction? Talking Spiritually with Rev Paul Damasane (Zimbabwe)

Sunday News, 5 Oct. 2009

Let me not leave you guessing for now whether witchcraft exists or not. The answer is in the affirmative — WITCHCRAFT IS FOR REAL, WITCHES ARE AS REAL AS THE BACK OF YOUR HAND.  Continue reading

Zimbabwe: Witch flies naked 120km in a basket to kill?, 29 May 2009, Alice Chimora
A 21 year old woman stunned a court when she claimed she flew 75 miles in a winnowing basket with two witches on a mission to kill her brother-in-law. Her claims where collaborated by a witchcraft expert who told the court that “witches can travel from Zimbabwe to as far as South Africa during the night and fly back as soon as their mission is accomplished”. Continue reading

Man spared death sentence for strong witchcraft beliefs (Zimbabwe), 5 Feb. 2009, Alice Chimora
A Zimbabwean man’s unshakable belief in witchcraft saved him from being hanged for killing his neighbour after a judge found that his beliefs were an extenuating factor. Continue reading

Talking spritually with Rev Paul Damasane

Paul Damasane, Zimbabwe Sunday News


THE Yoruba, an ethnic group that hails from Nigeria, have a saying that goes; “The witch cried yesterday and the child died today, who does not know that it was the witch that cried yesterday that killed the child who died today.”

Continue reading