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Region moves to curb extra-judicial killings (Tanzania)

1st August 2011, The Guardian

Over 240 people were killed in Shinyanga Region between January last year and June, this year, due to witchcraft beliefs and incidents related to extra-judicial killings.

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The Viral Infection Of Witchcraft Belief In Our Communities (Ghana)

GhanaWeb, 24 July 2011 Daniel Appiah-Adjei

The spate at which people accuse others as witches and wizards is becoming so alarming that only last Sunday, a friend of mine said her grandmother sensing danger of being beaten and humiliated to death ran away from the house and hid in the bush. Continue reading

Hundreds accused of ‘witchcraft’ persecuted in The Gambia

Amnesty International, 18 March 2009

Up to 1,000 people in The Gambia have been taken from their villages by “witch doctors”, taken to secret detention centres and forced to drink hallucinogenic concoctions. Continue reading

Juju and Gambian Jurisprudence

Gambia Journal, 23 February, 2010

In the surreal and magical world of Gambia’s current national affairs it seemed to be in order that Justice Joseph Wowo of the High Court in Banjul on Wednesday 3rd February, convicted and sentenced  three Gambian men to six years imprisonment each for conspiracy to overthrow the legal government of The Gambia and acquisition of criminal charms. Continue reading

Gambian opposition leader slams government over witch hunters

Gambia News, 11 Feb. 2009

The Director of People’s Centre for Social Science Research and Civic Awareness, Halifa Sallah has charged the Gambian government to investigate and disassociate itself from the ongoing arrest of people accused of being witches by purported witch hunters and people posing as military personnel. Continue reading

Witchcraft, An Idiom of Power (Gambia)

The Gambia Journal, 21 April, 2009

It has been about two weeks since anything was heard of about the notorious witch-hunters supposedly ordered in by President Yahya Jammeh. This came after international public opinion focused some attention on the weird developments in the country following the arrest of opposition politician Halifa Sallah last month. Continue reading

The Gambia’s Witch Hunters: when will they hit the cities?

Samsudeen Sarr, The Gambia Echo, 3 March 2009.

…There seems to be an overwhelming indifference among Gambians over what has been happening, leaving me rather intrigued over whether the muteness partly due to the country’s long history of believing in the actual existence of witches and the need to periodically hunt them down through any spiritual means possible. Continue reading