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Mother hires witch doctor to hex Brooklyn prosecutors (United States)

New York Post, Michel Maddux, September 22, 2011

Maria Alleyne, charged along with her son in a drug-ring conspiracy, hired a witch doctor to hex prosecutors, feds say.

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Quack Cons Family in Ritual to Expose Killers (Kenya)

 MENAFN – All Africa Global Media (Nairobi Star) – Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 15, 2011 (Nairobi Star/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) — More than 2,000 people were duped into attending a witchcraft ceremony in Iten town but the event turned into a hoax after the witchdoctor disappeared with Sh12,000 from the family who were trying to find the killers of a motorcycle operator. Continue reading

Juju and Gambian Jurisprudence

Gambia Journal, 23 February, 2010

In the surreal and magical world of Gambia’s current national affairs it seemed to be in order that Justice Joseph Wowo of the High Court in Banjul on Wednesday 3rd February, convicted and sentenced  three Gambian men to six years imprisonment each for conspiracy to overthrow the legal government of The Gambia and acquisition of criminal charms. Continue reading

The Gambia’s Witch Hunters: when will they hit the cities?

Samsudeen Sarr, The Gambia Echo, 3 March 2009.

…There seems to be an overwhelming indifference among Gambians over what has been happening, leaving me rather intrigued over whether the muteness partly due to the country’s long history of believing in the actual existence of witches and the need to periodically hunt them down through any spiritual means possible. Continue reading

Woman branded a witch, set on fire by son & daughter-in-law (India)

Yagnesh Mehta, Times of India, Aug 7, 2011,

Residents of Tekra Falia locality in Navsari district’s Chikhli village woke up to the screams of 65-year-old Jasuben Lad in the wee hours of Saturday. She was allegedly set on fire by her son Narottam and his wife Niru while sleeping. Jasuben’s 70-year-old husband Vallabhbhai was present in the house, but before he could help her, she had sustained severe injuries on the upper parts of her body.  Continue reading

Liberia’s elections, ritual killings and cannibalism

Emily Schmall and Wade Williams August 1, 2011 Global Post 
MONROVIA, Liberia — The pregnant woman was found dead in the shallows of Lake Shepherd. The fetus had been removed.

A candidate for Liberia’s Senate and a former county attorney are among those standing trial for the 2009 murder, the latest in a long history of ritual sacrifices performed for political power in Liberia.

In this case in southeastern Maryland County, prosecutors were tipped off by a witch doctor who provided a list of 18 people allegedly connected to the killing, including Fulton Yancy, the former county attorney, and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Special Envoy and Ambassador-at-Large Dan Morias. Continue reading

Witch Doctor Arrested After Three Family Members Murdered (Indonesia)

Zaky Pawas, July 30, 2011, Jakarta Globe

Police arrested an Indonesian witch doctor on Saturday after three members of a police officer’s family were found brutally murdered in their home in West Java. Continue reading