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Hundreds of children being accused of witchcraft as belief in demonic possession spreads across UK

Mail Online, Rob Cooper, 14 May 2011

Hundreds of witchcraft abuse cases are going unreported across the country each year, it has been revealed. Continue reading


Torment of Africa’s ‘child witches’ (UK, DRC)

Sunday Times, Richard Hoskins, 5 Feb. 2006

Londres was like any other 12-year-old black child in London — the city that gave him his nickname. He lived in Tottenham with his mother, a single parent. He was passionate about football and especially Manchester United’s charismatic winger Cristiano Ronaldo. One of his most prized possessions was his red Man U shirt.

He was cheeky and streetwise and had an irrepressible sense of humour. He got into trouble and messed up at school a bit. He could sometimes be a trial to his mother. He was also a witch. Continue reading

Africa: Child Abuse And Persecution Of Children

Nigerian Village Square, Olusegun Fakoya, 18 Nov. 2008

Africa abounds with various forms of child abuses, most arising from prevalent poverty and ignorance. This notwithstanding, the paramount role of the child in the African setting has never been in question. However, the traditional African belief and attitude to children has been successfully fractured by those who have deliberately perverted traditional belief and infused it with a distorted dose of Christianity. In the words of Professor Richard Hoskins (Kings College University, London), a noted expert on the phenomenon of Child Witches, “the phenomenon (of child witches) appears to spring from a new Frankenstein religion, an unholy marriage of perverted Christianity and an ingrained African belief in the spirit world, fuelled by the grinding poverty and desperate need of the people of West and Central African cities”. Continue reading

Witch-hunts then – and now

Malcolm Gaskill, The Guardian, 5 April 2010

Anyone who thinks that witchcraft belongs only to our past and imaginations should think again. Tens of thousands of people were executed as diabolists between the 15th and 18th centuries, an episode that for many signifies an age of ignorance and intolerance from which the Enlightenment saved us. There’s some truth in this. And yet much of the world still believes in witches, their supernatural powers and malevolent intentions. And all too often the accused are abused and ostracised, or tortured and killed. Continue reading

Ritual Killing and Pseudoscience in Nigeria

Skeptical Briefs Newsletter, Leo Igwe, June 2004

The murder in London of a Nigerian boy, simply named Adam by the British Police, might have brought to international focus and attention one of the most dreadful and horrifying practices in Nigeria – ritual killing. Continue reading

Child Abuse Exorcism Unveiled among Evangelical African Churches in UK

Christian Today, Eunice K. Y. Or, June 6, 2005

The Metropolitan Police and child protection experts are stepping up the investigation on the extent of alleged child abuses linked to the practice of exorcism among evangelical African churches across the UK. The move comes in the wake of a cruel offence unveiled last week in the Old Bailey.  Continue reading

Christianity or the Occult? Emerging Trends in the African Diaspora

The mix of Christianity and traditional practices within some parts of the African diaspora in Britain is becoming an increasingly confusing and controversial subject. Stories of ritualistic practices including the abuse of children have come to light in the British media recently.

On the other hand, churches that represent the African diaspora in Britain are spearheading growth and social transformation against the national trend of religious decline.

Christianity Or the Occult? Emerging Trends from the African Diaspora. Day Conference, 22 May 2006, Central Hall, Westminster.   Continue reading