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Rise in sorcery killings forces law review (Papua New Guinea)

Patrick Matbob, Islands Business, 15 August 2011
When former administrator of PNG’s Madang province died suddenly early this year, doctors attributed his death to stroke. He was known to suffer from a heart condition.  However, his relatives did not think so. They were certain his death was caused by sorcery and were determined to find out who was responsible. This did not come as a surprise to many Papua New Guineans. The late administrator came from Simbu, a province that has become notorious in recent times for the execution of people suspected of being ‘sorcerers’ and ‘witches’. Many of them have unfortunately been defenceless elderly women.

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Sorcery behind half PNG murders

tvnz,  July 26, 2011

Police in Papua New Guinea estimate around half of all murders in the Pacific nation are sorcery related. Continue reading

Laws needed to tackle PNG ‘sorcery’ killings: Amnesty

25 Jul 2011, Radio

In Papua New Guinea there have been calls for new laws to deal with sorcery-related killings, following the deaths of three women. Continue reading