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Crucified nun dies in ‘exorcism’ (Romania)

Laura Chiriac, Agence France Press, 18 June 2005

TANACU, Romania — A Romanian Orthodox priest, facing charges for ordering the crucifixion of a young nun because shewas “possessed by the devil,” was unrepentant Saturday as he celebrated a funeral ceremony for his alleged victim.

“ I don’t understand why journalists are making such a fuss about this,” said Father Daniel.


Into the Abyss: Ancient Rites of Exorcism, Bishop Daniel Garguillio, 2 Sept. 2008.

The Rites of Exorcism have a longstanding tradition within the Christian Church, and may indeed be more common than most would think. One of the most dramatic and eerie accounts of exorcism is found in the Gospel of Saint Mark, chapter 5, verses 1-20:  Continue reading