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Exorcism victim not her normal self (New Zealand), 14 May 2009

The stolen concrete lion statue that was said to be the cause of a curse on a Wainuiomata woman looked much happier after it was returned to its Wairarapa home, a jury has been told.

“After it was placed back it looked much happier, it wasn’t as ugly as it was when I first seen it,” Nanette Wright said in the High Court at Wellington today. Continue reading


Exorcism drowning unique (New Zealand), 7 May 2007

A Wellington pathologist excluded all other possible causes to find Wainuiomata woman Janet Moses died of drowning in October 2007, the High Court at Wellington was told today.

Wellington pathologist John Rutherford said Ms Moses had a blood-tinged “frothy fluid” in her airways and nostrils, caused when water entering the airways mixed with mucus, and symptoms of drowning in her lungs, including damage to air sacs.

The Crown alleges Ms Moses drowned during a makutu or Maori exorcism ceremony on October 12, 2007 when water was forced in her mouth and eyes to flush out a “demon”. Continue reading

Mother died in curse ritual (New Zealand)

The Dominion Post, 11 Nov. 2007

A Wainuiomata woman died during her family’s attempt to exorcise a Maori curse, with the mother of two drowning in a lounge as up to 40 relatives watched.  Continue reading

Charlatans may be to blame, says scholar (New Zealand), 13 Nov. 2007

A family’s fatal attempt to drive out a Maori curse may have been performed by charlatans, an expert in Maori culture says. Continue reading

Deliver us from evil: Exorcisms in demand (New Zealand), 1 Jan. 2009

Some may feel they’ve had a brush with evil, others experience total demonic possession. Either way, the demand for exorcisms keeps the Church busy.  Continue reading