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Indian state mulls ban on black magic, witchcraft

Phil Hazlewood, Agence France-Presse, MUMBAI 

Chanting to cure snakebites, claiming to be a reincarnated spouse to obtain sex, and charging for miracles could soon be banned by an Indian state seeking to stop charlatans preying on the vulnerable. Continue reading


Sorcery: Woman paraded naked (India)

The New Indian Express, Aug 24, 2011 at 12:06pm

ISTBARIPADA: A 40-year-old Dalit woman was paraded naked and beaten up mercilessly for allegedly practising sorcery in Parulia village under Kuliana police limits in Mayurbhanj district on Monday.

In the last six months, six persons have been killed over sorcery in the district. On February 18 five members, including two women of a Dalit family in a tribal village in Balasore district were allegedly stripped and paraded naked before being beaten up by a group of villagers who suspected them to be practising sorcery. Continue reading

Woman branded a witch, set on fire by son & daughter-in-law (India)

Yagnesh Mehta, Times of India, Aug 7, 2011,

Residents of Tekra Falia locality in Navsari district’s Chikhli village woke up to the screams of 65-year-old Jasuben Lad in the wee hours of Saturday. She was allegedly set on fire by her son Narottam and his wife Niru while sleeping. Jasuben’s 70-year-old husband Vallabhbhai was present in the house, but before he could help her, she had sustained severe injuries on the upper parts of her body.  Continue reading

Orissa Woman killed over suspected sorcery (India)

Express News Service , The New Indian Express. Aug 02, 2011

While witchcraft dominates life in Mayurbhanj district, it is the old women and widows without family support who become victims of such violent acts. In the last six months, five persons have been killed over sorcery in the district.

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Old woman killed for ‘sorcery’ (India)

Deccan Chronicle, July 11

A mob dubbed a 55-year-old woman as a sorceress, stripped her and burnt her alive on Saturday night, adding one more name to the growing list of victims of so-called ‘sorcery murders’ in Telangana, particularly in Medak and Nalgonda districts. Continue reading

Family beaten up for ‘sorcery’ (India)

Deccan Chronicle, 24 July 2011

Five members of a family were tied to an electric pole in Malkapur village of Kondapur mandal in Medak district and beaten up by the villagers who claimed that they indulged in sorcery. The family was rescued on Saturday before they were burnt to death. According to the police, the victims were dragged out of their house and tied to the pole the entire night on Friday and beaten. The police, who came to know of the incident on Saturday, rushed to the village and freed the family members. The Kondapur inspector of police, Mr Saida Nayak, said that the villagers would have burnt the family. Continue reading

Sorcery belief, a mental disorder (India)

Deccan Chronicle, July 25, 2011, SULOGNA MEHTA

Psychiatrists say that belief in sorcery and black magic is a mental disease, a kind of psychopathological and somatisation (psychiatric distress manifested as imaginary physical syndromes) disorder. Hundreds of vulnerable elderly people, especially women, in Andhra Pradesh are burnt to death or are beaten up and tortured for allegedly indulging in “sorcery”.

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