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Homosexuality, demons and politics (Ghana)

Human rights activists in Ghana warned on Friday of a hate campaign against homosexuals after a minister called for their arrest and local churches led anti-gay street protests.

The General Secretary of the Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches of Ghana, Rev Gideon Titi-Ofei, said that gays were “victims to some form of demonic influence.”

Alhaji Mohammed Easah, National President of the Coalition of Muslim Community of Ghana, said homosexuality is an abominable “demonic” act.  

Paul Evans Aidoo, the minister for the Western Region of Ghana, said: “All efforts are being made to get rid of these people in society.” He called for the Bureau of National Investigations to round up gays and called on landlords and tenants to inform on people they suspect of being homosexual.

“There is a lot of fear and panic in the gay community at the moment,” said MacDarling Cobinnah, executive director of the Accra-based Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights Ghana.


Homosexuality should be condemned by all- Sunyani Clergy (Ghana)

Sunyani (B/A), July 20 2011, Ghana News Agency
Pastor Oduro-Mensah observed that people engaged in homosexuality and lesbianism were, “under the influence of demons that have nothing good to offer humanity”.

Pastor Frimpong stressed that “even though God is so merciful, if his children do not obey Him and go contrary to His word, He will also not hesitate to punish them”.

He reiterated that though Ghana was governed by democratic principles, “we should not sit down aloof and watch the few individuals to capitalize on the fundamental human rights enshrined in our constitution to adopt these demonic cultures to bring God’s judgment on us all”. Continue reading

GOP’s New Prayer Guru Says Gays Possessed By Demons (United States)

Bruce Wilson, Alternet, 19 Dec. 2009

As the Rachel Maddow Show has recently showcased, on December 16th the Family Research Council sponsored a “Prayercast” event, attended by GOP luminaries including Senators Jim DeMint and Sam Brownback, and House Representatives Michelle Bachmann and Randy Forbes. But FRC head Tony Perkins did not lead the prayer event. That honor fell to Lou Engle, Founder of TheCall. Besides leading the capstone stadium rally for pro-Proposition 8, antigay marriage organizers last November 1, 2008 at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium, Lou Engle could also be found, at a special ceremony at a Virginia Beach megachurch last summer, anointing and blessing GOP presidential hopefuls Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich. Continue reading

Deliverance: The True Story of a Gay Exorcism (United States)

Details, June 2010, Matt McAllester


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Gay ’Exorcisms’ Continue–In the U.S.

The EdgeKilian Melloy, Jun 7, 2010

Science has found several provocative indications that homosexuality is a matter of physiology rather than choice–but some religious factions have another theory: evil spirits make people gay. The cure: “deliverance,” known also by an older and more terrifying name: exorcism.

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Exorcism: demonising gay people

Ekklesia, Joseph Laycock, 9 Jul 2010

Last month, a feature in the online magazine Details told the story of Kevin Robinson, a gay teenager from Connecticut. Brought up in a Pentecostal household, Kevin first came out to his family when he was sixteen.

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Prayer Warriors and Sarah Palin Are Organizing Spiritual Warfare to Take Over America

Bill Berkowitz, AlterNet, 1 March 2010.  

Imagine a religious movement that makes geographic maps of where demons reside and claims among its adherents the Republican Party’s most recent vice presidential nominee and whose leaders have presided over prayer sessions (one aimed at putting the kibosh on health-care reform) with a host of leading GOP figures.

It’s a movement whose followers played a significant role in the battle over Proposition 8, California’s anti-same-sex marriage initiative, and Uganda’s infamous proposed Anti-Homosexuality Law, more commonly associated with the Family, a religious network of elites drawn from the ranks of business and government throughout the world. But the movement we’re imagining encompasses the humble and the elite alike, supporting a network of “prayer warriors” in all 50 states, within the ranks of the U.S. military, and at the far reaches of the globe — all guided by an entire genre of books, texts, videos and other media.

Imagine that, and you’ve just dreamed up the New Apostolic Reformation, the largest religious movement you’ve never heard of. Continue reading