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The Witch Villages of Ghana, Dana King, 27 May 2010

Hawabu Tarana is serving a life sentence, based solely on an accusation. Through a translator, I ask her, “Are you a witch?” “I denied it, but they didn’t believe me. So I’ve accepted,” is the sad reply. Continue reading


Here, witch is just another word for victim (Ghana)

 The Star-Ledger, New Jersey/March 6, 2006, Sherry Amatenstein

Yendi, Ghana — Mariama Bawa is a witch.

At least that’s what her family members say. They believe she caused her 25-year-old son to be struck and killed by lightning, so they have sent her here, to the Ngani witches camp in the northern lands of this West Africa country. Continue reading

Witches of the North: Tragic story of torture, lynching (Ghana)

 Modern Ghana News, 12 Nov. 2002

Travelling through the Northern Region of Ghana is a surprising phenomenon: apart from hundreds of ordinary communities, villages and towns that are scattered there are some locations people would not refer to as ‘normal’ or ‘ordinary’ known as ‘witch-camps’, or to use a neutral term, outcast homes. They house mostly women. Women that live on the outcast homes were forced out of their communities and accused of practicing ‘witchcraft’. They therefore seek refuge at these Homes. They cannot return home. Continue reading

13 Men To Be Exorcised At Witches Camp (Ghana)

Spectator October 07, 2001
Conditions at the Witches Camps in the Northern Region are still nothing good to write home about. They have rather deteriorated. At least one thousand women accused of being Witches are incarcerated in four different locations in the northern region.

Continue reading

Women Accused of Witchcraft Cry for Help (Ghana)

GhanaWeb. 6 May 2010

Some 1,020 members of the Kukuo alleged witches camp have passionately appealed to NADMO and the Nanumba North District assembly to assist them rebuild their households numbering about 75 which were destroyed by heavy storm recently. Continue reading

Child Abuse In Witches Camps Of Northern Ghana

The plight of children in the witches camps of Northern Ghana calls for urgent action to redress the situation. From PeaceFMOnline (Ghana) Continue reading

Witches Camp Inmates Alleged To Indulge In Prostitution (Ghana)

From PeaceFMOnline (Ghana) 5 May 2010.

The Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE) and the World Vision – Ghana have kicked against a witches’ camp at Nabuli in the Gushegu District of the Northern Region where inmates are alleged to be practicing prostitution for their survival.

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