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Anneliese Michel: 67 rites of exorcism (Germany)

Washington Post, Eric T. Hansen, September 4, 2005

The first person to recognize that Anneliese Michel was possessed by demons was an older woman accompanying the girl on a pilgrimage. She noticed that Anneliese would not walk past a certain image of Jesus, refused to drink water from a holy spring and smelled bad — hellishly bad. An exorcist in a nearby town examined Michel and returned a diagnosis of demonic possession. The bishop issued permission to perform the rite of exorcism according to the Roman ritual of 1614.

Half a year and 67 rites of exorcism later, Michel was dead at 23. Continue reading


German Archbishopric Grabs the Devil by the Horns

Deutche Welle 20 May 2008

The archidocese of Paderborn has had its hands full in recent years fighting Beelzebub and Co. A church spokesman says three people got treated for personal demons — William Friedkin-style.

Friedkin, of course, was the Hollywood director who in 1973 brought modern-day fame to an obscure bit of Catholic ritual with a very scary film called The Exorcist.

A spokesperson for the archdiocese in central Germany confirmed earlier in the week that priests had performed three exorcisms between 1999 and 2003.

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