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Elderly man charged with practising sorcery for profit (Dubai)

Bassam Za’za’, Gulf News, 5 Aug. 2011

Dubai: An 82-year-old suspect denied in court yesterday the charge of practising sorcery to profit illegally and claimed that he only reads Quran to cure patients.

Prosecutors charged the elderly defendant, M.S., who doesn’t carry personal identification documents, with practising sorcery and performing magic to gain money unlawfully. Continue reading


‘Sorcerer’ cheated newlywed out of Dh15,000, police say

The National, Awad Mustafa, 18 July 2011

DUBAI // Dubai Police have arrested a “sorcerer” who cheated a newly married woman out of Dh15,000, officials said yesterday. Continue reading

Sorcery and Witchcraft Still Blight on Middle East (Dubai)

Epoch Times, 23 Dec. 2009, Epoch Times

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—If appearances are all that count, Hassan Hamadi is no different from any other taxi driver in Dubai. He wears the same uniform, knows the same shortcuts, and speaks in the same heavily accented English. However it is what he does in his free time that sets him apart from the rest. Hassan Hamadi is a self-proclaimed exorcist.  Continue reading