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Norwegian Black Metal Bassist Getting Exorcism in Arizona (United States)

Jørn Stubberud, a.k.a. Necrobutcher, bassist for the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem, is planning his own exorcism. He’s going to let televangelist Bob Larson banish the demons from his body and film it as a special for the Norwegian national TV station, NRK. Continue reading


‘We’re not like normal teenagers’: Meet the exorcist schoolgirls (United States)

Daily Mail, 11 Aug. 2011, Jeff Maysh

The five teenage girls might look like they’re in a normal class, eagerly reading their textbooks and answering their teacher’s questions diligently.

But the textbooks are Bibles and the girls all have crosses instead of protractors, as they train to become exorcists – real exorcists who fight demons, curses and evil spells.

‘People do look a bit surprised when I arrive,’ admits graduate exorcist Brynne Larson. ‘When people call for an exorcist, they don’t picture a 16-year-old high school girl.’ Continue reading

Hold Your Demons (United States)

LA Weekly, 29 Jan 2004, Dan Kapelovitz

Satan is alive and well in the Pasadena Sheraton’s Magnolia Room. Continue reading

Can’t get a Catholic exorcism in Kansas City? James Vivian is here to help (United States)

Kansas City Pitch, Peter Rugg, 17 April 2008

James Vivian puts on scrubs as if he’s preparing for surgery. He wraps a silver cross on a chain around his wrist. Next to the leather recliner, he sets a plastic bucket lined with a fresh trash bag, in case his visitor vomits. Continue reading

Possessed or Obsessed? Many Christians say they are in need of deliverance but some may be giving demons more than their due

Christianity Today  

Case #1

A smell—any smell—nauseates her. Her eyes squint at the 4 p.m. daylight. Amy turns off the radio, gulps a fistful of Ibuprofen, and swears softly. Her temples pulsate with thumps of debilitating pain for the second time this month. Continue reading

Woman Disputes Local Ministry’s ‘Healing’ Promises

SAN DIEGO — A Fallbrook couple’s promise to exorcise demons and spiritually heal their churchgoers is being met with skepticism. Continue reading

Exorcism: Ancient Art or Hocus Pocus? More Than 500 Non-Catholic Groups Perform Exorcisms in the U.S.

More Than 500 Non-Catholic Groups Perform Exorcisms in the U.S. ABC News, May 16, 2006

Continue reading