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Scott Peck vs. Satan A well-known psychiatrist describes and analyzes two exorcisms. (United States)

Christianity Today, February 2005.
Glimpses of the Devil, reviewed by David Neff | posted 1/24/2005 12:00AM

When psychiatrist and bestselling author Scott Peck publishedPeople of the Lie in 1983, I took special notice. His brief account of exorcisms in one chapter was consistent with my observations of two attempts to exorcise demons that plagued a woman I had been counseling. So I was also primed to read Peck’s newest book,Glimpses of the Devil, in which he speaks in-depth for the first time about two cases of possession and exorcism. Indeed, he claims this is the first account of possession and exorcism written by a medical scientist. Continue reading


Exorcism Book Evokes Past Pain (United States)

The Hartford CourantOct. 14, 2007, Melissa Pionzio

Having a younger brother who suffered from delusions and seizures was hard enough for Carl Glatzel Jr., but then came the priests and a well-known ghost-hunting couple who deemed then-11-year-old David Glatzel to bepossessed by demons.

Carl Glatzel, now 42, says he was unable to protect his brother in 1981 when David underwent several rites of exorcism, or in 1983 when a book detailing the supposed affliction was first printed. But after the book was reprinted in 2006, he decided it was time to fight back. Continue reading

Nantucket Child Killed in Exorcism (United States)

Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, MA), 03/17/2011; Cassidy, Patrick

March 17–NANTUCKET — The woman accused of killing her 3-year-old daughter earlier this week believed God had instructed her to stick a rose in the young girl’s throat to ward off the devil, according to documents filed in Nantucket District Court. Continue reading

Devil worship, the Vatican and battling exorcists

Times (London) March 05, 2010, Bess Twiston-Davies

Rome, I can reveal, is riven by battling exorcists. Well, two to be precise, both priests, both experts on demonic possession, yet currently clashing over  the possible existence of Satan worshippers within the Vatican. Continue reading

He Sends the Devil Packing

Los Angeles Times, Tracy Wilkinson, 30 April 2004

ROME — In a small room, well away from the street so that no one hears the screams, Father Gabriele Amorth does battle with Satan. He is a busy man. Continue reading

What happens at exorcism school? (United States)

The Guardian, Susan McCarthy, 21 Dec. 2010

The exorcism conference was closed-door. The October conference, in Baltimore, Maryland, preceding a conference of US Catholic bishops, was attended by 56 bishops and 66 priests. The bishops were the novelty. There is a small annual conference on exorcism, but only a few priests attend. The conference focused on the details of the rite of exorcism, and “the reality of demonic manifestations in our society”, a participant said. Continue reading

Chasing Out the Devil in Uruguay

Jon Jeter, The Washington Post, May 2, 2004

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — First things first. Yes, the Rev. Julio Cesar Elizaga said he saw the movie “The Exorcist” and liked it. But he said that a real exorcism has almost nothing in common with the cinematic version.

Continue reading