5 Pastors To Die In Kumasi (Ghana)

Daily Guide, 14 September 2011

FRESH reports on the supposed West African Witches Conference to be held at Bantama in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital, on Friday October 28, 2011 at 12 midnight, indicate that five well-known pastors would be pronounced dead not long after the meeting. 
Though NEWS-ONE at the moment cannot mention the names of the pastors, the paper can report that all five have the headquarters of their churches in Kumasi.

The names of a couple of pastors however come to mind very easily, especially when they have the largest churches in Kumasi.

According to the invitation letter to cover the conference, the meeting would ‘review the January agreement to provide 2,000 human heads and the intestines of five pastors from each member country by the end of December 2011’.

It has also been gathered that the city in which the meeting would be held would be the very city from which the intestines of the five pastors would be gathered.

It also revealed that the member states include Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Cameron and Serria Lone.

Though it sounds incredible, other media houses have also received the invitation letter but none is yet to confirm that it would send reporters to cover the programme.

Another thing that scared our reporters was a note at the tail end of the invitation which read that: ‘lunch would be served to non members but members are advised to bring their own food’.

So far, the Kumasi-based pastors have remained silent over the witches’ conference to be held in their capital city.

This is not the first time witches and wizards are holding a meeting of some sort in Ghana.

It was reported in October 2007 that a global meeting of witches was underway at Juaso Nkwanta in the Ashanti Region and that the meeting was targeting thousands of lives through fatal road and other accidents.

Documents circulated to the media over the 2007 meeting said in keeping with the witches’ agenda, 1,000,154 people would be killed worldwide through road accidents, rape, murder and armed robbery.

It said that for Ghana, the organizers of the annual global congress insisted they wanted to make the meeting a memorable one and had therefore requested heavy loss of lives on the nation’s roads.

According to the document, Ashanti Region was to ‘donate’ 722 lives, Eastern Region, 119; Brong Ahafo, 103; Central, 134; and Greater Accra, 76; through an operation code-named ‘XXC-XVI-Starlight 666’.

It said delegates from countries in all five continents, including USA, India, Iran, South Africa, Spain and Nigeria, would attend the historic two-month long meeting, slated for Juaso Nkwanta in the Ashanti Region, which was to be chaired by the regional commander, one Seth Kofi Manu.

‘In the first quarter of our calendar year, we are to infect 110,000 people (both married and unmarried) with HIV/AIDS through sex, 4,000 with tuberculosis, 6,000 with high blood pressure and 2,600 with blindness, while 11,000 pastors and preachers will be destroyed, 220 marriages broken, and 100,000 wombs destroyed.’

Apart from the blood of accident victims and the spread of diseases, the association is demanding that 400,000 Ghanaians be initiated into witchcraft and other Satanist organizations before next year’s meeting in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Out of the 400,000, the agenda stressed that a minimum of 280,000 of the new entrants should be students and pupils of various schools and universities.

Detailed requirements in this regard are as follows: universities – 35,000 people; other tertiary schools- 45,000 people; JSS and SSS-130,000 people; children below 8 years- 80,000.

Some of the special guests expected in the country for the meeting include Comrades Gopanatta (India), Kris Mc Anderson (USA), Uki Steward (Nigeria), Daniel Mokoena (South Africa), Mirza Ali Mohammed (Iran), Professor Kingsley Boison (Ghana), and Hooo Mamfred (Spain).

‘Every means must be applied through dressing, planting of hair-making items, exchange of clothes and shoes, sex, abortion, music and their so-called Christian songs. Remember we have agents among them,’ the document stressed.


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