Police seize 180 human skulls in Peru

Lima, Peru (NTN24)  2 Aug. 2011

Police in Peru seized 180 human skulls at a house in downtown Lima on Monday where a man claiming to be a warlock performed satanic rituals and black magic.  

Police raided the property after an anonymous tip off.

They arrested a 31-year old man who offered to solve financial, health or love issues with magic potions and black magic.

He had allegedly set up his business less than 4 blocks away from the Presidential Palace, in Lima’s historical district.

Police officers were astonished when they found a large number of human skulls inside the premises.

The Chief of Peru’s Criminal Investigation Department, Colonel Carlos Gomez, said the skulls were used to “perform satanic rituals and black magic”.

They also found dozens of boxes with “death powder” – believed to be earth from a cemetery – and incense that the man sold as potions and magic powders.

Police are investigating the origin of the skulls and suspect they may have been stolen from a local cemetery.

Trafficking in human remains, or offending the memory of the dead, warrants a prison sentence of up to 6 years under Peruvian law.


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