Witch Doctor Arrested After Three Family Members Murdered (Indonesia)

Zaky Pawas, July 30, 2011, Jakarta Globe

Police arrested an Indonesian witch doctor on Saturday after three members of a police officer’s family were found brutally murdered in their home in West Java.

The victims were identified as Apo, 66 and Eulis, 62, who were the parents-in-law of Adj. Comr. Wawan, a member of the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) stationed in Kalimantan.

The third victim was Wawan’s four-year-old daughter Keysia.

Bandung Police Chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Sony Sonjaya told the Jakarta Globe that they believed the victims had been dead for at least five days.

All three were found in one room and had fatal slash wounds across their necks.

Agus, Wawan’s brother-in-law, was the first to discover the lifeless bodies when he visited the house in Bandung at 3.30 p.m. on Friday.

“At the time, the witness [Agus] tried to call his parents’ home but the call went unanswered,” Sony said.

Concerned, Agus visited the home but found it locked, he said.

“[Agus] forced his way inside because he smelled a powerful stench coming from inside the house,” Sony said. “Agus found the house to be in disarray. He also found blood stains all over the living room. He immediately called the police.”

Sony said that based on initial observations, police believed the killer was known to the family because there were no signs of forced entry.

Further, he said, they believed the murders had occurred at night because all the victims were wearing sleeping gowns and pyjamas.

He believed the murders were premeditated.

“The phone was disconnected; the gaps between the doors of the bedrooms were sealed with towels so the smell wouldn’t come out,” he said. “The perpetrators also locked the front door as well as the gates.”

Missing from the scene of the crime was the victims’ Suzuki Estillo.

Police, Sony said, had contacted Wawan and his wife.

Police have confirmed that a suspect was taken into custody in Jakarta at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Police are still piecing together the motives for the murders but the suspect, a ‘dukun’ or witch doctor, identified as Asep Dudung Budiman, 31, had met the victims at a cemetery in Garut, West Java, two months ago.

Money is likely to be a motive, a police source told the Globe.


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