Teen testifies man performed unwanted exorcism (United States)

Herald-Times, (Bloomington, IN), 04/14/2009; Laura Lane

Apr. 14–A 16-year-old boy this morning described how Eddie Uyesugi yelled at him, hit him in the chest and face, held him down against his will and stuck his fingers down his throat making him vomit during an exorcism of sorts in 2007 intended to drive demons from the autistic boy’s body.

“He yelled at me, ‘Out, demons, in the name of Jesus.’ He said there were demons inside me. I told him that no, I didn’t have any demons. But he looked in my eyes and he said that I do,” the victim testified in Monroe Circuit Court. He said he was scared and did not know what was happening during the exorcism, and that he tried to run away but was restrained by his older brother and Uyesugi.

And the boy’s grandmother, who adopted him and his three siblings after their mother was killed in a car wreck in 2001, told jurors how she stood by helplessly watching, afraid to intervene. She said after the hours-long exorcismat her Moffett Road home was over, she realized her son had been injured. She tended to his swollen face, black eyes and bruises, and held him all night, she said, crying as she recalled that day in May 2007.

She said she tried to get help by calling the pastor at Cherry Hill church, where her family and Uyesugi worshipped.She said no one came to assist her. She kept her son home for two weeks so no one would see his injuries. “I was afraid they would come and take my kids away,” she said. ” I was scared and ashamed that I would let someone come in and take control of my family like that and hurt my boy.”

She said she thought Uyesugi, on trial for two felonies — battery and criminal confinement — was going to pray over her son, not harm him.

Before breaking for lunch, jurors viewed pictures of her brass bed, which she said was broken during the exorcism.They also looked at photos of a blood-stained mattress. She said the blood was from her son, whose throat was injured during the exorcism.

Uyesugi was offered a chance to plead guilty to a lesser charge, but opted to maintain his innocence and go to trial instead.

He was a senior at Indiana University, bound for medical school, when he was arrested in August 2007. He was the valedictorian of Paoli High School’s Class of 2003, where he played varsity basketball and tennis. Police said he was a “minister in training” at the church, where he had lived in the parsonage.


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