Pastors testify they reported exorcism injuries to Child Protective Services

Laura Lane, Herald-Times (Bloomington IN) 16 April 2009.

Apr. 16–Cherry Hill Church pastors contacted Child Protective Services when they realized a 14-year-old boy whose family attended the church had been injured during an exorcism performed by Eddie Uyesugi.

CPS then notified police.

Uyesugi, 24, was a Cherry Hill member who studied at the church’s school for men and women seeking to enter the evangelical ministry. He is on trial this week in Monroe Circuit Court on charges of battery and criminal confinement.

Pastor Renee Norris told jurors she saw bruises and swelling on the boy’s face five days after the religious ritual had occurred in May 2007.

The boy’s grandmother, Mary Lou Raby, had driven him to the church and asked Renee Norris to come outside.

“She wanted me to see (his) face,” she said.

Concerned, she and her husband, Senior Pastor Kim Norris, later approached the boy’s grandmother, who is raising him. They told her they were going to report the incident to authorities.

Renee Norris said Raby was upset by their plan and asked the Norrises to leave her house.

Raby testified Tuesday she was ashamed that she allowed the exorcism to take place, and said she thought it would involve praying and redemption, not hitting and confinement.

She admitted she kept the boy home for two weeks while his injuries healed so no one would know what happened because she feared losing custody of her four grandchildren. She adopted the two boys and two girls after their mother died in 2001.


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