Woman Escapes Lynching Over Alleged Penis Theft (Nigeria)

AllAfrica.com, August 6, 2002 , by Nouge

A middle-aged woman on Saturday escaped being lynched for allegedly causing the genitals of a male suya seller at Garki in Abuja to disappear.

Eyewintnesses told a correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) who was at the scene that the lady had approached the suya seller, popularly called Sani Maibalangu, and asked for suya steak N20 worth.

Maibalangu had told the woman that the least suya went for more than that amount, they said, adding that the lady then left the spot after she had seductively touched the man in his groin.

The man said he felt as if “a bucketful of cold water” had been emptied on his head and raised an alarm he felt his groin and discovered that his genitals had disappeared, he witnessed said.

In response to an alarm by Maibalangu, passers-by and customers who had gone to enjoy themselves at the ‘Syndicate’ joint swooped on the woman and beat her to a state of camas.

It took the sympathisers 30 minutes to persuade the lady, now almost stripped naked, to return the “stolen” penis of the suya seller.

At this stage, she told them that her boss “sent me to the area to get any penis for him for some concoction he wanted to prepare”.

The lady was responded to have “returned” the stolen penis and “revived” it for people to believe her before she was allowed to leave.

Narrating his ordeal to NAN, Maibalangu, said ” I never knew her before she came demanding for N20 suya and I told her that my suya is for either N50 and N100. She then agreed to pay N50 but before I could get the meant she used her backhand and touched my groin.

” I then discovered that all of a sudden I was weak and felt somehow. From then I just knew she had used something on me.

” I thank Allah for the help other people rendered to me to get my penis back.

Maibalangu, who was at his suya spot as usual throughout on Sunday, received lots and sympathisers and also made brisk business from the crowd, which kept asking him how the incident happened.


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