Witchcraft: fact, faith or fiction? Talking Spiritually with Rev Paul Damasane (Zimbabwe)

Sunday News, 5 Oct. 2009

Let me not leave you guessing for now whether witchcraft exists or not. The answer is in the affirmative — WITCHCRAFT IS FOR REAL, WITCHES ARE AS REAL AS THE BACK OF YOUR HAND. 


We begin this tenth month of 2009 in a new vein as we investigate an area that is feared or least spoken about especially among us Christians.


The main reason one would hazard to explain could be the background of our Western missionary upbringing. It is important to begin there because my angle will of necessity be to disabuse our minds of the fact that this is a purely African mysticism that is shrouded in mystery and so-called superstition. Let me not leave you guessing for now whether witchcraft exists or not. The answer is in the affirmative — WITCHCRAFT IS FOR REAL, WITCHES ARE AS REAL AS THE BACK OF YOUR HAND. Be not fooled that I have just realised this, no I have known it all my short life.


The problem we face for most of the time is that which western based thought and philosophy have implanted in us. There is a fallacy where everything the Westerners cannot explain or prove in their laboratories or test by their machines is said to be superstition. This word is used to mean that which is the faith of the unintelligent, those who can neither think deeper nor see beyond their noses! I vehemently and vigorously disagree. If you cannot explain something using the scientific knowledge you are exposed to remember it does not mean that what you know is all there is to know. I want to begin by some eyewitness accounts of clear cases of witchcraft but before I get you praying or scampering for cover let us get into some little science exposition from me a preacher. Witchcraft is a science that Africans among many other races have grown to perfect and complicate over the years and centuries of their existence. I call it a science and not an art because it has to be learnt through a lot of practice and it includes the understanding of the nature and behaviour of elements. No one uses materials from out of space to perform wizardry but they use elements whose behaviour they have studied and whose positive and negative effects they understand. Further, the employment of deep symbolism is immanent in wizardry. When one looks at a pair of scissors its shape does to an extent symbolise sexuality (especially of the woman, the chevron shape comes to mind) so an application of some substance/chemical prepared in some alchemistry can make the pair of scissors stick and not open. Coupled with the understanding or the world view that to the African sex is not just a physiological act but a deeply spiritual one; placing the pair of scissors under the bed with a few utterances like, “ . . . mabavalelwe njengesigelo lesi abazaganga lapha!” completes the wizardy of “ulunyoka”. The man thus protects his wife and insures his goods in that manner from intruders!…


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