Intersession Against the Powers of Darkness (United States)

‘Satan’s agents are human shells filled with demons that agendas are to rob, kill and destroy. Witches and wizards think they are in charge. However, the demons are actually in charge. The witch believes because they do ritualism, they are controlling the demons. However, the demons are controlling the witch because they have to be obedient to the demons by doing these requests. It makes the person think that they are in charge. There is no freedom in the person’s life. They become a servant of the spirit beings. These agents of Satan fully understand their “faith” and their military mission. They are sent to spiritually and physically destroy the religious beliefs of these poorly trained missionaries. They also know how to destroy their bodies though voodoo practices. Our Christians in America are simply told that “Christians cannot have devils,” and that’s all these Christians know! The Devil is laughing at the churches’ ignorance as he sweeps over and captures both Christian workers and God’s people!”

“Intercession Against the Powers of Darkness.” by Pat Holliday


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