Ghana: Witchcraft Alarmists Will Face Prosecution, William N-Lanjerborr Jalulah, 6 May 2009

Bongo — THE District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bongo, Mr. Clement Abugri Tia, has threatened to cause the arrest and prosecution of anyone who would unjustifiably accuse his or her neighbour of being a witch or wizard.


Speaking to the media after his confirmation at Bongo, Mr. Abugri noted that those responsible for such unjustifiable accusations have not been prosecuted, hence their continued branding of others as witches and wizards.


According to him, witchcraft has no scientific evidence, and cannot also be supported by any law, therefore people cannot use it to violate the rights of others, by subjecting them to all forms of physical assaults, or in some cases killing them because they claim these persons are witches.


Mr. Abugri urged his people to leave those they claimed were witches or wizards to God to judge, since he was the only one who knows a man’s heart, and the only one who could judge such people, if really they were so.


It would be recalled that the then DCE-nominee failed to secure the two thirds of the valid votes cast in the first round of voting to confirm him on April 23, when he polled 18 out of 47.


At last Monday’s election, the nominee scaled over the hurdle, as he obtained 38 out of the 47 votes cast, and was subsequently sworn into office as the DCE, by the Upper East Regional Minister, Mr. Mark Woyongo.


The Regional Minister described the confirmation as a victory for the people of Bongo, because their development had been postponed as a result of the failure of the assembly to confirm the then nominee.


Mr. Woyongo advised the assembly members not to politicise the assembly, but ensure that it was used for the development of the area.


They were also reminded of the fuel smuggling menace in the area, and he urged them to support efforts at curbing the menace.


He further said they should also ensure that by-laws on sanitation were enforced, to help with the sanitation campaign of the government.


Full of joy and with gratitude to the President for nominating him, Mr. Abugri likened his confirmation, to two women in labour, where one may have an easy delivery, while the other may have a delayed delivery, but both would have their babies.


He said his was the latter, and that he was happy that though he did not get it in the first round, he had now got it.


Asking for the support and collaboration of the people, in his quest to bring development, Mr. Abugri promised to run an open administration.


Later in an interview, the DCE expressed sadness at attempts made by certain individuals to use money to influence the assembly members not to give him their mandate.


He, however, would not mention names, and when asked what he would do to such personalities, the one time DCE for Bongo in the last NDC administration, said he would forgive them. This he hoped would even woo them to join his party.


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