‘Witches’ to cause mayhem at Cup of Nations 2008! (Ghana)

The Statesman, 10 Oct. 2010, Gabriel Amoah

The Ghana 2008 African Cup of Nations scheduled for January next year has hit a bizarre and hilarious snag, as it is claimed to have  been targeted by ‘witches’ all over the world as their platform to cause mayhem among sports fans who will witness the tournament, if the impending witches conference due for the middle of this month is allowed to come off. 

Nana Kwaku Bonsam, a renown chief fetish priest, who issued this publicity-seeking, atrocious warning at a press conference in Kumasi Saturday, took the hilarity a step further into the realm of politics. He added that the so-called witches would use the conference to map up strategies on how to cause misunderstanding in Ghana’s 2008 general elections, resulting in indiscriminate killings in the country.

Nana Kwaku Bonsam, highlighting some of the activities he claimed the witches have in mind,  said the nation would witness its highest economic doom after the tournament if the witches have their way.

But, hurray! There’s salvation! “This could be stopped if every believer stand up to fight and pray against the conference,” he assuaged.

He also indicated and, as usual, without any meaningful explanation that the so-called witches conference, apparently slated for Juaso Nkwanta in the Ashanti Region, could bring about the upsurge in HIV/AIDS, coupled with other strange diseases and atrocities next year.

The intelligence of Ghanaians has been cynically tested by a hoax  witches’ press release currently circulating in the country, which states “In the first quarter of our calendar year, we are to infect 110,000 people (both married and unmarried) with HIV/AIDS through sex; 4,000 with tuberculosis; 6,000 with high blood pressure and 2,600 with blindness, while 11,000 pastors and preachers will be destroyed, 220 marriages broken, and 100,000 wombs destroyed”.

Some 400,000 people are expected to be initiated by the end of the claimed two-month meeting, with the organisers allegedly targeting many organisations, including universities (35,000), other tertiary institutions (45,000), JSS and SSS (130,000), and children below eight years (80,000).

The Ashanti Region, which is the host region for the hoax conference, is contributing 722 lives. Eastern Region will ‘donate’ 119 lives; Brong Ahafo, 103; Central, 134 and Greater Accra, 76.

But Nana Kwaku Bronsam assured that he would use his “magical powers” to stop the conference as he was ever prepared to sacrifice for the nation, however pointing out his disappointment about the uncooperative attitudes by some of his colleague fetish priests.

According to him, this was a time of war and there was no need to show who had what powers as the war would not be won if they approached it with individual powers. “We definitely stand to loose this battle if we tackle this with the attitudes of individual play”

He disclosed that the recent Gas explosion, the three accidents at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technologypolice junction in Kumasi were some of the precedents to the conference “and imagine what will happen after the conference”.

Special guests from the United States of America, Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, Russia, India and Iran are expected to grace the conference. The Nigerian city of Ibadan will host the next meeting slated for April 1, 2008.


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