Self-confessed witch escapes lynching (Nigeria), Jan 19, 2011, Patience Ogbo.

Residents of Gowon Estate area of Lagos woke early Tuesday to the startling discovery of a young lady on the roof of a three-story building. The lady, who refused to give her name, claimed she was a witch on a mission. She further revealed that she flew from Obubra in Cross River State, to afflict her victim with epilepsy in Lagos.

However, her supposed mission was not accomplished because, according to her, on reaching 4 Iwajuwa Street, dogs in the area started barking, resulting in her losing her balance in the air. The loud bang on the roof of the three-story building was said to have jolted the tenants from sleep at about 3am.

Occupants of the building, who said they mistook the sound as an explosion, could, however, not come out to ascertain the cause of the sound until 5am, when they reportedly heard a strange noise from the top of the building. The unidentified lady was thereafter brought down where she reportedly revealed her mission, following which an angry mob descended on her.

She later turned violent, throwing stones and dangerous objects. At this stage, the onlookers took to their heels, with mothers calling out to their children to leave the scene. But some brave young men were able to disarm her and were at the verge of lynching her when police officers from Gowon Estate arrived and took her away.





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