Witches Descend on Ghana?


A Daily Guide newspaper account of a proposed international conference in Ghana by witches from all over the world has met with mixed reaction by a section of the Ghanaian populace.

While some have dismissed the claim as baseless and not worth anybody’s attention, others, including Christian leaders, have suggested that fervent prayers would overcome whatever ills the group from the underworld could be planning.


The conference, which is to be held next week at Juaso-Nkwanta in the Ashanti Region, will allegedly witness the killing of several people in five of the ten regions of the country through accidents and unexplained means.


The paper quotes a circulating e-mail as the source, but Kumasi-based fetish priest Kwaku Bonsam who says he knows what wickedness witches can unleash on the people, such as madness and other sicknesses, has vowed to resist the meeting scheduled too close to his base.


He said on Monday, he seized four witches, including a woman who claimed to be the queen of a witches group.


But popular radio programme host on Adom FM, Rev. Gabriel Ansah of Nasem University says Christians need not wait for an alarmist witches conference to pray, and reminded them of the Biblical admonishing to pray without ceasing.


He says if the alleged conference was true, it was more likely to take a spiritual form and only prayer would be the most effective weapon since Christians ‘war not against flesh and blood.’


Rev Ansah maintained that in the unlikely event of the witches meeting physically, no Christian would still be required to attack them physically since that would also be against the laws of the land.


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