Christianity or the Occult? Emerging Trends in the African Diaspora

The mix of Christianity and traditional practices within some parts of the African diaspora in Britain is becoming an increasingly confusing and controversial subject. Stories of ritualistic practices including the abuse of children have come to light in the British media recently.

On the other hand, churches that represent the African diaspora in Britain are spearheading growth and social transformation against the national trend of religious decline.

Christianity Or the Occult? Emerging Trends from the African Diaspora. Day Conference, 22 May 2006, Central Hall, Westminster.  


1 Witchcraft: twenty talking points p1

Prof. Anthony Gittins

2 Cultural versus biblical practices in the Congolese community p6 The Revd Jean-Bosco Kanyemesha

3 Africa’s new ‘Pentecostal-like’ churches p9

Prof. Paul Gifford

4 Is witchcraft compatible with biblical Christianity? p16

Dennis Tongoi


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