Children Accused of Witchcraft: An anthropological study of contemporary practices in Africa

In sub‐Saharan Africa, the number of children who suffer from abuse, exclusion, stigmatization and physical violence (sometimes fatal) as a result of beliefs in witchcraft, the magical power of twins or people with albinism, is increasing each year. This assessment raises questions and often surprises African themselves. The printed press, television, radio, and more recently Internet sites in various regions of Africa regularly report shocking figures on the number of violent acts against children in the context of practices related to these beliefs. Few people, however, consider the deep‐rooted causes of these “horrific and terrifying” events that are presented as some kind of “African tradition”.

Cimpric, Aleksandra. “Children Accused of Witchcraft an Anthropological Study of Contemporary Practices in Africa.” UNICEF, 2010


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